Shattered Realms Alpha Demo Release

We're releasing the Shattered Realms demo on  (pwyw) after our 6 month incubation with @freelives. It has been a long, difficult road, but the last 6 months have also been incredibly exciting. Thanks to Free Lives’ support and guidance; we have been able to build a vertical slice of the game of our dreams. I can’t express how proud I am of my team, you worked together like champions and produced excellence.

Shattered Realms is a game I wanted to see made for many years, and I was a bit surprised to see that there wasn't anything quiet like this already.

The future of the game at this stage is entirely in the hands of the fans and players. One of the outcomes we wanted was to see if there is a big enough market for a brawler like this. If enough people want Shattered Realms to exist, it will.

We’re gathering feedback and watching people play to help improve the game. If you’ve played the demo, please let us know what you thought;  we’d love to hear from you.

-Pieter Visser, Kopskop

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Is this game still going? 

im rather new to this game but after a while i looked at the twitter and insta and nothings been posting in quite a while 

although the twitter is still retweeting actually

also how do you unlock rictor, i have lynx and mark

wait how do you unlock mark?????

Does multiplayer work on the 2018 download? me and my friend trying queueing up a game and waited like 5 minutes but it just kept saying standing by..

It's local multiplayer only. You need to press start on another controller to join in.

Really good game! this plays almost like a 2D devil may cry game and im loving every second of it. Is the game still in development by any chance?

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it :D

The game is on hold at the moment as we're still looking for a funding partner. Until then, please enjoy the demo ;)

Any plans of putting it on Steam?

The finished game, yes.
The demo, no :)

Not sure if you still have plans on releasing a full version of this game but as a fan of 2d Fighters and Beat em ups, This made good on both genres with out being overdone. I really enjoyed everything in this demo and so did many of my friends. Hope you are doing well! Greetings from Baltimore, USA!

Really glad you enjoyed the demo :D We are still working on Shattered Realms, though only part-time. So progress is slow, but steady.

well i dont really know how too get in touch with u but i really really love this game me and my little brother bonded through playing this and its so great but its kind of sad that its not finished i dont mean too rush u but something i would really like in the game is like settings so i can change how good the game looks because i dont really have the best computer. but this game is amazing its so unique i hope u stay healthy Kopsop and stay safe thank u for making this dope gameee

Excelente DEMO, espero um dia jogar ele na versão final !

Awesome playthrough, thanks for taking the time to make a video :D

I hope to make lots of wonderful game